Kinagree-Smith are arguably the first SUPER GROUP spawned in the short history of the internet.

The duo happened quite accidentally when Jack came to Philadelphia on October 31st 2010 to discuss the possibility of a tour with Lexie. Both were successful solo artists and the idea of playing together never crossed their minds.

However, leave two musicians in a room unattended and they will start to play together. They discovered an intoxicating hybrid of music fusing the melodic modalities of the Irish music traditions with an American Folk rock feel. The sound was both unique, and familiar at the same time.

Both Jack and Lexie have been performing live music online for the many years now, and while Lexie doesn't keep track of her shows, Jack has well over 2,000 live internet performances documented.


They have both released several successful recordings and have managed to make a living as truly independent recording artists.


They embrace the post modern troubadour's motto, “Any place, any time, just give me a moment to tune up”, and peruse promoting their music with a passion that verges on evangelical fanaticism. 


This passion and willingness to employ non-traditional technology has helped them reach a fan base of thousands that literally spans the globe.

They don't count the number of MP3s they sold; they count the number of gigabytes that have been downloaded. They tour the world almost at the speed of light and if you are lucky they could be playing in a town (or on an SL sim!)  near you.

E.J. Swain (updated by Rosi Vinson)

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